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Mischief Garage is a melting pot of passionate and creative people with the intent on innovating and having fun. We have assembled an eclectic mix of like-minded individuals with the relevant skills and track records to deliver on our vision of creating a welcoming and stimulating environment for petrol-heads and artists alike. This century old venue has been restored and houses a purpose-built and state of the art Dyno Room and Vehicle Detailing Centre, complimented by an equally impressive Sound Recording studio which is situated amongst a fine collection of modern motoring classics.        



  • HAT Dynamics, a Performance Tuning and Vehicle Servicing company founded by renowned tuner & racer, Hermann Mahnke

  • Chox Studios, founded by acclaimed musician, producer and recording artist, Choccy Chox

  • MobeeWash, the vehicle detailing & paint restoration 

The combination of industrial and rustic charm, modern technology and a ‘working’ collection of cars coupled with good company and a good coffee (& good WiFi😊), creates a great meeting place which maximises creativity in support of our mantra of getting up to ‘Mischief’.

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